Sioux Falls SD

JULY 10-13, 2024 • Sioux Falls South Dakota


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Wednesday, July  10

Thursday, July 11

Friday, July 12

Saturday, July 13

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NCJ Bishops
NCJ Bishops assigned for 2022 -2024

The North Central Jurisdiction (NCJ) will convene in Sioux Falls SD, July 10-13, 2024. This jurisdictional conference gathered delegates—lay and clergy—from 10 Annual Conferences; Northern Illinois, Illinois Great Rivers, Indiana, Iowa, East and West Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and Wisconsin for a momentous time filled with worship and collective discernment regarding the election of episcopal leadership and receiving episcopal assignments. 

2024 NCJ Special Session

Tuesday, January 23 - 7:00 PM EST/6:00 PM CST

2022 NCJ Conference Summary

North Central Jurisdiction